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If You're An Emerging Fashion Designer And You Are Tired of Being Invisible...

That's It: You Are Done Being Unseen. Ready?

I mean, everybody agrees.

You make amazing looking products. No. Correction. You make KILLER products.


But here's what hurts: probably two or three clients buy from you (maybe two of them are your Mummy and your very enthusiastic BFF). But other than that, nobody cares. And yet, you know that your product is good.


So in the end, you try a few methods here and there. You share the looks you've worked so hard on on Instagram and you probably even started spending money in ads. But nothing really works. People maybe drop a heart but in the end, you have the impression to spend time on and your following might be growing slowly but you still struggle to be seen.


You bravely hold on, posting on platforms where 800 million other users also try to get their voice heard. But fact is there are too many fashion brands out there. As a result, your sales don't budge and you can forget about the press coverage.



Yep, fashion is a pretty complicated business to start but




...There Is A Program For Fashion Designers Just Like You, To Learn How To Get More Visible

a a a a

I know how it feels when your brand means the world to you and yet it stays stuck because you don't know how to get your brand noticed. It’s time you take things to the next level so you can finally…


Stand out in the middle of the crowd

Get people's attention

Finally get your fabulouse fashion pieces seen and recognized as they deserve to be

See your visibility effectively increase and get better chances at making more sales.


You are ready for this…Let's bring your fashion brand into the spotlight.

I Get It! This Is Exactly Why Build Your Unforgettable Fashion Brand Was Built This Way

I have been helping brand owners for some time now. In fact I grew up in a family of talented (but broke) craftsmen who had absolutely no business sense. I have been helping and lecturing to fashion designers for the past years. I have created and reviewed hundreds of fashion brand identities for emerging brands just like yours...As a matter of fact, I've been where you are and I've helped many designers just like you get unstuck.


In my book called “The Fashion Business Plan”, I explain how vital it is for a fashion brand to have a DNA, an identity card that makes them truly unique. I share methods to get the brand DNA created and it is also a subject I lecture about in a top ranking fashion school in Paris.


In short, I've done this hundreds of time and here's where you're lucky now! I am sharing my method in video trainings.


This is what you will get out of it :


Workbooks to guide you through the training ($100 value)


Dedicated step-by-step videos that you can play on your own schedule, to explain how to build your own unforgettable fashion brand. It will cover the following modules:


MODULE 1: Introduction

- The number 1 reason why your customers don't remember you

- 3 Secrets of truly unforgettable fashion brands


MODULE 2: Generate a powerful brand DNA

- The physique

- The brand personality

- The brand culture

- Your customer's self image

- Your customer's reflection

- Your relationship with your customer


MODULE 3: How to use your fashion brand DNA

- What you can do with it

- How to use the physique

- How to use the brand personality

- How to use the brand culture

- How to use your customer's self image

- How to use your customer's reflection

- How to use your relationship with your customer



BONUS: On top of the "Build your unforgettable fashion brand" training, we are also delivering a sourcing module including a video interview of a sourcing expert and templates to help you with your supplier research and communicate with the factories and workshops you negotiate with.


Total value of the video courses: $400.


Unlimited lifetime access to the full video training to help you build your unforgettable fashion brand ($99 value)


 1 individual accountability call with me in which you will get a feedback on the work you have done so far and a tailored action plan at the end of the call ($250 value)


Total value of the "Build your unforgettable fashion brand" training?



Plus you will get access to The Fashion Fix - Premium, a closed Facebook group for premium members,  in which you can ask even more questions and exchange with like-minded designers. Being able to share your journey, the wins and the tears with other people who get you is just priceless.



Guess how much you will invest to get all this?








How much time will the program require?

This course will take as much as you are willing to invest in it. You will have access to the course material for an unlimited time. Once you get the links to your videos, you can organize your work and still get access to all the videos after our last individual interview together.


What are the payment plan options?

If you subscribe to the program before October 22nd, 2018 midnight CEST, you get a $100 discount on the original price. If you subscribe to the program after October 22nd 2018, you will pay  one single payment of $197.


What is the schedule?

You will have the freedom to plan your individual interviews with me during the following 3 months.


What do you need to commit to in order to get most of the program?

You will get what you invest in the program. You have to commit to show up to your interviews and do the work.


What is the refund policy?

Since it is an online course and since the material is delivered to you directly when you buy, there is no refund policy.


More Happy Designers

For Whom I Created A Powerful Brand Identity...

"Fashion FXF really helped!"



"We are Just a showroom in Paris, we select emerging brands and young designers with deeper ideas in the concept than just another fashion brand. we value innovation and craftsmanship, vision and quality understating in confectioning the garments and accessories.


One of our designers Lia Gureeva, as many talented people, been thrown in various random directions and Fashion FXF really helped! We did a beautiful workshop and Bako patiently for hours directed Lia with questions helping her to go deeper into understanding of her own references and values.

The workshop allowed us to have a more clear vision on the DNA of the brand, to find relevant targets on social media.

To understand the audience, brand customer. It helped us in constructing other marketing material and been a reference for direction to follow and to keep image of the brand consistent."


Masha R, Just A Showroom In Paris


"The Coaching sessions with Bako enabled me to be in perfect harmony with my project."


"I hired Fashion FXF to help me define my brand identity. We chose and finalized the style together. We worked on the fashion brand DNA and my business plan. I discovered new tools.


Fashion FXF helped me better target my customers using new tools and social media. Fashion FXF also helped me review my product in order to be perfectly in line with my identity and my style.


The Coaching sessions with Bako enabled me to be in perfect harmony with my project. Bako did not try to push her vision of things. She helped me highlight my episodes of my own life, combine them with my life philosophy and the boho style we chose for my project Enjoy My Box"


Joy C, EnJoy My Box







And Happy People

I worked for in the past...

Plus The Reviews On The Fashion Business Plan Book

That You Probably Saw On Amazon...


There Is One Teeny-Tiny Problem…


I’ll be honest with you.

I can take you to that level but getting your fashion brand seen takes time and commitment. It can be tricky to deal with.



Reason #1:

Maybe you work full time and you need something flexible that you can fit smartly in your own schedule. You don’t want to explain to your boss that from now on, you absolutely need to leave early every Tuesday since you have that “little thing” you need to attend.


Reason #2:

Courses are not enough. I am sure you have the best intentions and you plan to go through those video trainings I've prepared for you. But when it comes to putting things to practice, maybe you are one of those who postpone or never apply what you have learned. I am certain you don’t want this to be one of those courses you bought and never get to apply. You DO want to have a brand new iimage when you are done with the course, right?


Reason #3:

You are doing the job but you still have questions and you don’t know if what is in the video actually applies to your own case. And you do not have a clue whom to ask for help when you block on your calculation sheeton your workbook. You need to know at which door to knock in case your answers seem to not make sense.

So What Happens When You Join?

1) You click that beautiful pink enroll now button to submit your payment via Paypal


2) You’ll immediately receive an email with your welcome package including:

a. A schedule indicating when you should be finished with which module

b. a link to plan your interview with me.

c. an email invitation to The Fashion Fix Premium - Facebook group


3) You’ll also receive an e-mail with the access to your training materials and your workbook


4) At your interview with me, you get an honest feedback on what you have done so far with an action plan for the days to come


5) You can share your questions and what you’re working on with the other fashion fixers (That’s how we call the members of our closed Facebook group). I will also be there every day so I will be able to help you if you are stuck somewhere



What People Said After Doing The Fashion Brand DNA Course

Because you can no longer afford staying invisible.

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