7 Qualities That Will Make You An Awesome Fashion Entrepreneur

Hey Fashion designers,

It’s boss day today and to celebrate this I’d like to share all the qualities I found in successful Fashion bosses I’ve met and/or analyzed so far and from which an emerging fashion entrepreneur could learn.

#1 – A fashion entrepreneur is a true visionary

There is Fashion Designer and Fashion Entrepreneur. And what distinguishes them is the vision that drives them.

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A fashion entrepreneur is a true visionary

As Eric Fitzgerald would say in this Fashion Business Insider article: ” Your vision is your beacon of light, guiding you on your journey. “

All the fashion designers I’ve seen build a brand successfully had envisioned a world and painted it in their own colors. Their vision is precise and cohesive. Most of the time, they were able to associate this vision with a scent, a taste, words, a music, a touch, a feeling…And of course shapes, textures and cuts.

This vision is often bigger than themselves and they often can’t help it.

But you can generate it by yourself by adding up all those elements together and building a cohesive concept.

#2 – A fashion entrepreneur is a passionate believer

When you are on the verge of launching your own fashion brand, it might sound obvious and easy and yet as the journey goes, you will see that believing is crucial to the survival of your fashion brand.

There will be days when you’ll have the impression that nobody cares. Clients will ignore you and even maybe mock your vision (and after you healed from your broken ego you’ll understand that they were just not your target customers).

There will be days when nobody will buy from you. People will talk about you and maybe even mock you (but you’ll understand later that it’s because they’re not part of your target customer). It’s almost impossible not to feel hurt when this happens and keep this one-man show going.

And the only thing that will help you keep the show going on (Because the show MUST go on), is believing in your own vision. It will enable you to get things going on and to motivate people around you.

#3 – Awareness: Know thyself

This is very ancient quote seen at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. However old it stays current though. Knowing yourself as a fashion entrepreneur will help you remain lucid about what you can do and what you can’t.

Having that information will save you time and help you manage and plan what you need to achieve throughout your fashion journey. It will help you build the fashion company of your dreams without being trapped in something you wouldn’t be able to stand for.

#4 – Lucidity: a successful fashion entrepreneur asks for help

Having the lucidity to ask for help whenever it’s necessary is also a very valuable strength.

Be realistic. Being a visionary and a strong believer is one thing but you need to know your limits and to you have the humility to ask people who know better for help. Nobody on this earth knows everything.

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A successful fashion entrepreneur asks for help

Having the wisdom to acknowledge that you don’t know the answer, contact the people and ask them is a huge time saver when it comes to building a profitable fashion brand.

Having the wisdom to acknowledge that you don’t know the answer, contact the people and ask them is a huge time saver when it comes to building a profitable fashion brand.

#5 – Focused: Understand what’s needed to succeed as a fashion entrepreneur in this industry

Fashion may look easy and fun. And it is. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t follow any rules. It is still an industry, and it follows very particular rules that you need to understand if you want to play the game.

Changing the game is also an option but you need to find the relevant tribe of a deal customers who will follow your vision.

Either way you need to get focused on what’s working. Don’t focus on the things that YOU think are working but focus on the things that ACTUALLY work. To know the difference, you need to dig and get informed, get educated about the business of fashion and really understand which strings you need to pull in order to succeed in this industry.

As an example , you can read Serena Williams’s article on Business Of Fashion where she explains that her first business as a fashion entrepreneur dealt with evening gowns SHE thought would work but sales remained difficult in spite of her superstar status. In the end she created another brand called Serena Signature Statement where she applies techniques that work: limited editions, direct to customer sales and pop up shops. If a superstar like Serena Williams makes the effort to understand the market and adjusts her strategy, why wouldn’t you?

#6 – Decisive

Making no decision, hesitating is not only time-consuming but also expensive. When there’s a decision to make, you need to make it.

Don’t postpone it or at least if you do, give yourself a deadline as well as the information and options you’ll need to make a sound decision.

Meet and exchange with the right people who have the knowledge to shed some light on the topic for you.

#7 – Determined: Do whatever it takes to get things done

Once you have all the information and you know what’s working, you need to do it.

No excuse.

A powerful and successful fashion entrepreneur is a fashion boss who does whatever it takes to get things done. You’ll find no excuse and you’ll make it work. If you need to learn a new skill to survive. You’ll find the best one on the market to teach you just that and you’ll learn the skill, no matter what.

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