Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to launch your fashion brand? Have you been struggling to get your fashion business up and running? Have you been wandering on the internet, knocking on the wrong doors, telling your business struggles to people who did not have a single clue about what you are going through? If you ended up here, it’s probably because you have just started your journey in fashion or you have had your brand for a while but you have not yet figured out a way to make it work. You obviously love designing and you are passionate about the creative process but when it comes to business, you are not sure what to do.

Well this stops now because you have finally been granted your wish.

This is the place where you fashion designers can ask questions, find answers, help and support to help you grow your fashion business.


I help fashion designers like you

make more impact:

I share tools and methods

to launch and grow 

your fashion business.


I am the Founder of Fashion Cross Functional (in short Fashion FXF) and the author of “The Fashion Business Plan”. I myself LOVE sewing (and when I say love, I mean that for me, sewing is the equivalent of a day in a SPA). And yet it would have been impossible to really feel differently about sewing since I grew up with the sound of a sewing machine. I descend from three generations of  Couture craftsmen. My family established its workshop in 1937. They devoted their entire life to craft and beauty. They were very successful for 30 years but then the business decreased and it never really recovered. In fact, we had to sell our workshop in 2017…I saw my family’s business struggle for years and go bankrupt, which is the reason why at the age of 17, I was pushed to forget my dreams of becoming a fashion designer and pursue “more serious” career options.

Which I did. Very painfully in the end. When you are meant to work in a certain field, it is tearing you apart to spend your time doing something else, right?

After a career in audit and finance for global listed companies, I could not stand it any longer. I learned to design and make clothes and chose to go back to my roots.

My business background however interested many fashion designers so I started providing services to help them achieve their vision. I helped various fashion businesses solve different issues, especially write business plans to raise funds.

My profile was featured on Forbes and today I lecture fashion business planning in a top ranking fashion school in Paris.


I will guide you and pave the way to your vision.

See that moment when you have multiple ideas coming out of your mind, with sketches and maybe even finished samples lying around? Or that time when people ask you what your brand is about and you struggle to find the words because you are so creative and your designs are so different from another? Or when you need to write down something to describe your brand on your website or on a brochure and you just rapidly tell a cute story to fill in the blanks (but be honest, it does not really bring anything groundbreaking to the brand…)

I will help you find those words, build an identity and a story that will resonate with people’s heart. I will help you build a unique signature that your audience will be able to recognize on your design, on your graphic visuals and in your voice. An authentic footprint that will help you stand out in the overcrowded fashion market.

I will also help you organize your priorities and reach your business goals.

Whether you need to choose a supplier, find your target customer, define a strategy, find a way to fund your next fashion project, make your first sales, start your social media accounts or write your own business plan to raise capital, I will share tools and methods to help you and walk you through the steps to reach what you want.


Check What You Could Do With Me:

"We are Just a showroom in Paris, we select emerging brands and young designers with deeper ideas in the concept than just another fashion brand. we value innovation and craftsmanship, vision and quality understating in confectioning the garments and accessories. One of our designers Lia Gureeva, as many talented people, been thrown in various random directions and Fashion FXF really helped! We did a beautiful workshop and Bako patiently for hours directed Lia with questions helping her to go deeper into understanding of her own references and values. The workshop allowed us to have a more clear vision on the DNA of the brand, to find relevant targets on social media. To understand the audience, brand customer. It helped us in constructing other marketing material and been a reference for direction to follow and to keep image of the brand consistent." Masha R, Just A Showroom In Paris
Masha R.
Founder of Just A Showroom In Paris
"I hired Fashion FXF to help me define my brand identity. We chose and finalized the style together. We worked on the fashion brand DNA and my business plan. I discovered new tools. Fashion FXF helped me better target my customers using new tools and social media. Fashion FXF also helped me review my product in order to be perfectly in line with my identity and my style. The Coaching sessions with Bako enabled me to be in perfect harmony with my project. Bako did not try to push her vision of things. She helped me highlight my episodes of my own life, combine them with my life philosophy and the boho style we chose for my project Enjoy My Box" Joy C, EnJoy My Box
Joy C
Founder of Enjoy My Box


Here is something you need to know about me: I am committed and I take things VERY seriously. So I will do my part and serve you following my strict work ethic. Excellence. Ambition. Selectivity.


So if you want to work with me 1:1, you need to know  that I am very selective about the designers I coach. This industry takes grit, passion and a level of taste that you absolutely need to understand. So here is what you need to know  if you want to work with me and see results:

√   You need to take things seriously and do your part. I will guide you and show  you what to do. I will share all the tools that I have to make things simpler for you. I will wipe your tears and be the one serving you that pep talk that will get you to the finish line. But you will have to do the actual work. Of course, if you have difficulties or issues on the way, you will always be able to ask me for help and I will give you answers.

√   You need to show  up on time at our meetings. Believe it or not, but there are designers out there who pay for the service and do not show up afterwards, even after I send them reminders and emails. If you want results, showing up is of course required.

   You need to be clear about my values because that  is the level where we will take things to. That is fine if you do not share them but please be aware of the fact that I will not compromise on those.

   If you don’t have the money to hire me as a coach, that’s fine. I’ve shared a lot of content you have access to in my blog, on my Instagram account, in the Fashion Fixer Facebook community.  But please, I appreciate give and take exchanges. Participate. Help others in the community. Share my content that  you think can be helpful for other people as well. I don’t think you’d appreciate if people were just ripping off garments from your collection without paying and without saying hello or thank you. So don’t do things to people that you don’t want them to do to you!

   To finish, if you just want to make a few  sales here and there without building a cohesive brand and a solid system or if you want me to deliver miraculous solutions where you do not have to do anything, I am not a magician or a scam artist. I will not be the right person for you.


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