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7 Important Fundamentals You’ll Need To Start A Clothing Business

TABLE OF CONTENTS How difficult is it to start a fashion brand? Find out your emerging fashion designer profile Step 1 – Be crystal clear about your fashion branding Step 2 – Business of fashion 101: your first strategic steps Step 3 – Start sourcing for fabric suppliers and clothing

Fashion business mindset

A Fashion Brand Is A Business: 5 Easy Mindset Hacks

Hey Fashion Designers, One of the main traits I expect to see in fashion entrepreneurs is passion. A relentless drive to keep on working on their fashion business and on the design because that’s their true calling on this planet. And if I’m totally honest with you, I don’t know

One Business Fundamental That Will Drive Sales Up For Your Fashion Brand: Goal Planning

Hey Fashion Designers, It’s September: the “Back to school” spirit is in the air. It’s electric! It’s hectic, fast paced. The ones are preparing to send their brand on the runway, the others are on a professional fashion trade fair. The energy is high, new hopes are born. It’s the

How To Organize A Fashion Show To Make D-Day A Triumph

 Hey Fashion designers, September is approaching, fashion week is coming soon. As we are rolling into the new season, I’m preparing invitations for my clients’ fashion event. It’s the opportunity for me to remind you of some ground rules on how to organize a fashion show and make the best

3 Simple Things You Need To Check Before Doing A Fashion Show

Hey Fashion designers, The month of August is ending soon, the fashion industry is preparing for fashion week. I wanted to use this opportunity to share a few reminders for you regarding fashions shows.You’re probably solicited very often to participate to fashion shows. You can be lured by different fashion