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7 Important Fundamentals You’ll Need To Start A Clothing Business

TABLE OF CONTENTS How difficult is it to start a fashion brand? Find out your emerging fashion designer profile Step 1 – Be crystal clear about your fashion branding Step 2 – Business of fashion 101: your first strategic steps Step 3 – Start sourcing for fabric suppliers and clothing

Deal with nightmare customers in fashion

Nightmare Customer: How Your Fashion Brand Can Best React

Hey Fashion Designers, With Halloween coming, I thought of my own version of a scary movie: solving daily drama situations in my clients’ fashion shops by dealing with a nightmare customer. However amazing the brand, there is always a difficult customer who won’t be happy with this or that and

Fashion entrepreneur - 7 qualities

7 Qualities That Will Make You An Awesome Fashion Entrepreneur

Hey Fashion designers, It’s boss day today and to celebrate this I’d like to share all the qualities I found in successful Fashion bosses I’ve met and/or analyzed so far and from which an emerging fashion entrepreneur could learn. #1 – A fashion entrepreneur is a true visionary There is

Fashion business mindset

A Fashion Brand Is A Business: 5 Easy Mindset Hacks

Hey Fashion Designers, One of the main traits I expect to see in fashion entrepreneurs is passion. A relentless drive to keep on working on their fashion business and on the design because that’s their true calling on this planet. And if I’m totally honest with you, I don’t know

One Business Fundamental That Will Drive Sales Up For Your Fashion Brand: Goal Planning

Hey Fashion Designers, It’s September: the “Back to school” spirit is in the air. It’s electric! It’s hectic, fast paced. The ones are preparing to send their brand on the runway, the others are on a professional fashion trade fair. The energy is high, new hopes are born. It’s the