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Keep This In Mind When You Discount Your Fashion Designs

Hey fashion designers, We are in between seasons right now and you’re probably transiting slowly to the autumn. Maybe you’ve even unpacked your autumn collection and you’re trying hard to get rid of the spring/summer pieces left. So you think of discounting some items. I get it! You want to

3 Simple Things You Need to Do This Summer to Boost Your Fashion Business

Hello Fashion designers, We are in the middle of the summer. It’s warm, it’s sunny…I mean I’m not going to complain!!! But maybe the tiny little thing that may upset you is this: your friends are all gone on vacation and unlike your friends, you’re “stuck” working for your fashion

How To Plan Your Timeline When Launching Your Fashion Brand

Hello fashion designers,  if you plan to launch your fashion label in the near future, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done. Or maybe you’ve already started but you are going back and forth, focusing on everything (…and nothing at the same time…let’s be

5 Awesome Things You’ll Learn From The Greatest Tennis Brands

Hey Fashion Designers, Wimbledon has started for a week, and I thought it would be a nice occasion to share 5 success factors that you can learn from the greatest brands that dress the players on the tennis courts during the last decades. Fred Perry and Lacoste were both created