One Business Fundamental That Will Drive Sales Up For Your Fashion Brand: Goal Planning

Hey Fashion Designers,
It’s September: the “Back to school” spirit is in the air. It’s electric! It’s hectic, fast paced. The ones are preparing to send their brand on the runway, the others are on a professional fashion trade fair. The energy is high, new hopes are born. It’s the debut of a new page. And everybody’s running to get this upcoming quarter going.

Today I wanted to share with you an amazing habit that can help you a lot drive your sales up.

It’s about goal planning! Yep, high vibes, running around etc is all good but you’d better know where you’re running to. So I’d like to share with you a strategy tip I apply especially now with a fashion brand that I work with: it’s a total game changer.

Why goal planning is an inevitable part of your brand strategy

There is a Harvard business study of 1979 that established that people who have goals and especially clear written goals have much better results:

  • 13% of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84% who had no goals at all.
  • The 3% who had clear, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.

So which part do you want to be a part of? Your choice!

This is of course also applicable in a fashion business. Goal planning enables to maintain the sales level. If you don’t know what kind of results you want to achieve, how else would you know the kind of effort you need to make? And what would you be actually working for?

Hustling is not an end in itself. The point of spending all this energy is to be able to sell and make a living out of your fashion brand.

So get ready to plan the upcoming quarters, months, weeks, days. It’s an hour or two of work but hey… 10 times as much earnings as those who don’t plan and write down their goals so you’d better get started now.

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The quick goal planning formula

Now I am going to share a quick formula to help you best plan your goals:

  • Plan the year first. Then the quarter, the month, the week and the day. This way you get to know how the small results of one day contributes to the whole plan. If you’re doing the exercise now in September or at the beginning of a quarter, you can start planning the upcoming quarter, month and weeks.
  • Write down the quarterly goals you want to achieve:
    – How much sales do you want to achieve at the end of the quarter?
    – To how many garments sold does your goal correspond?
    – What kind of traffic or how many pop ups do you need to organize in order to sell that many garments?
  • Once you have your quarterly goals, you can easily transform this into monthly, then weekly then daily goals.

This way you know exactly what you need to do, based on a figure you want to achieve.

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