CASH & FUNDING: 11 facts about funding a fashion brand

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Hi all,
Today’s cash & funding resource comes from a lecture on the basics of startup financing given by Nina Faulhaber at the London College of Fashion.
We picked this content because firstly it answers all the questions a fashion designer might ask (Do I have to raise funding? why actually raise funding? how? where? what happens then?…). Secondly it provides comprehensive answers and accurate insights about the funding process of fashion businesses. So here are the key topics discussed in the document:

  1. The possible sources of capital
  2. When to look for funding?
  3. Who to appeal to at which development stage?
  4. What are the impacts of each type of investment for the fashion designers?
  5. What are the interests at stake for the investors?
  6. What happens concretely once the deal is on?
  7. How to approach investors?
  8. What are the key elements to highlight to impress an investor?
  9. How to do a deal?
  10. How to present the pitch?
  11. What happens once you get the cash? What to spend it on?

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