The Heroine’s Journey of Bako Rambini


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Bako Rambini aka Printsesy Bako Rambinintsoa, Founder and CEO of Fashion Crossfunctional and author of The Fashion Business Plan

Hi Guys,
Here’s an interview of the Heroine’s Journey I had the honor to be part of.

What is the best thing that I love about my work?
Working with passionate people who have a true vision. Seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they speak What is my idea of perfect happiness? […]

Source : The Heroine’s Journey of Bako Rambini
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Our favorite Eastergrams

Source: Instagram profiles of @mookpixie@MeganHess_official@Shop_Nina@Fein_und_fabelhaft@NonamuLondon, Chanel Fall 2014 Fall’s Bag via @Stylemuse_saks@Fifi.lapin and photos taken by Tim Walker via @Idsetters and @Halfpennylondon.

Hi Fashioneasters,
Easter vacation is over, it’s time to go back to work.
Here are a few of our favorite Easter pictures. I hope those very cute posts we selected will help you ease the start of your day tomorrow.

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FXF comes back tomorrow!


Source: Getty Images – DigitalVision Dougal Waters

Hi all,
Here I am, finally back from Milan.
Great weather, great people, great style, great spirit. In short, I enjoyed it a lot!

I just wanted to briefly say hello and announce our fashion business subject of tomorrow. We are going to see how to best identify your customers so get ready for this and I will see you back here then.
Meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful day!