DESIGNER TOOLBOX: 5 Ways You Should Be Using Social Media To Grow Your Fashion Business

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As a start-up fashion designer, the idea of reaching out to 400 million potential customers may seem just as many miles away, but with Instagram alone having that many users in 2016, connecting has never been easier. With such numbers on offer, it’s clear that Social Media is an essential tool in any businesses market plan now more than ever before.
While you may already be using the Social Media platforms, you need to ensure you’re using them effectively in order to really yield results. Go through this checklist to see which benefits of social media you are already reaping, and which you need to work on.
Marketing Method

Are you considering your Social Media accounts as something you have to have in this modern world, or are you using them as a marketing tool? Regular posts at the right times to the right followers can act as marketing campaigns in their own right. Normally marketing to such a large number of customers would cost thousands, but social sites makes creating similar effects much more accessible, so make sure when you post, you always have marketing in mind.
Market Research
Have you ever taken the time to look into the online profile of some of your followers and target customers? Social Media can be a key market research technique, allowing you not only to recognise your target audience but also get to know them on a personal level. What they like, how they dress, their interests etc all of this will help you better cater your future collections and branding to them better targeted and effective.
Connecting with other brands
Are you trying to make connections and get your Brand known online among others in the Fashion Industry? With everyone from one-man start-ups to the global fashion magazine VOGUE utilising Social Media, there are copious amount of doors waiting for you to open up online. With just a simple click you can reveal your competition, collaborate with likeminded fashion designers, or maybe even get talent scouted, so be sure to make the most of these opportunities by interacting with other people in the same Industry.

Brand identity
Are you posting picture that are tailored to your brand and the image you want your business to convey? When someone buys your products, they also want to buy into an idea, and Social Media allows you to craft and tailor this idea in any way your heart desires. If you’re a couture costume maker, the occasional shot of a beautiful white sand beach on your Instagram will give a sense of glamour and luxury to your brand, while a tweet about the meticulous selecting process of materials for your new collection will show that your Make in the UK silk scarves are of exceptional quality. Try to ensure your brand identity on your Social Media accounts correlates with that of your branding elsewhere.
Showcasing new products
Do you use Social Media to showcase new products to your customers and follow up with more information? You’re feed shouldn’t be too heavily concentrated with related pictures – always keep in mind the preliminary purpose of the account; to promote your products. Presenting your designs on Social Media is a handy tool to get your collection seen by existing customers and also – with the correct use of hashtags – a wider audience. and news feed and click if they want to find out more. You should always include further details of the garment on show, with clear information so the viewer can easily find out more to drive sales and interest.

Are you using your Social Accounts as feedback tools by asking your followers questions? The creation of online relations means you can ask questions and get answers in minutes, whether that be an opinion on your new design or what they may feel was lacking in your last collection. Make sure to engage with your audience online, as it not only helps you to develop your brand and styles, but is a great way to show customer care is of importance to your business.
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by Stephanie Cvetkovic for Fashion Cross Functional
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