DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How to best sell your products online

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Hi all,

It’s not in my habit to recommend sales platforms however I found this Volusion webinar about selling your fashion items online and I just loved it.
I’m honestly very enthusiastic about this new resource. It’s very practical and sets out really great advice on how to sell your products online. Quick checklists are provided about all the areas that need to be taken care of: branding, product descriptions on the e-commerce platform, your communication and advertising strategy.
The step by step approach covers following items:

  1. Defining your brand – What to start with:
  • Find a niche and grow from there
  • What to look for when connecting with your audience
  • How to lead a competitive research
  • Great advice about branding and how to set your brand personality
  • How to define your value proposition
  • Use emotions to your advantage


  1. Setting up your products
  • Insights about what your product should communicate
  • SEO checklist for your product
  • How to optimize your keyword
  • Product photography best practices
  • Categorization best practices
  • What content strategy to use on your website/blog?


  1. Social media
  • Social media best practices to make your products exciting, engaging and sharable,
  • Which social media networks to join
  • How to optimize your profile
  • What to post


  1. Email marketing
  • What to promote
  • How to craft your message


  1. Lookbooks


  1. Advertising
  • Description of shopping feeds and how to use them
  • Type of ads


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