DESIGNER TOOLBOX: The 3 Instagram Mistakes Emerging Fashion Brands Should Fix Right Now

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Hi Guys,
We asked digital nomad and Instagram expert Elise Darma for guidance to help emerging fashion brands improve their Instagram profile. She made this very insightful video, just for you. Thank you so much Elise <3.

Here are the main takeouts from her video:
"When it comes to fashion brands, I see common mistakes with fashion brands.

MISTAKE # 1 – The handle and name field are not optimized for searches by target buyers

One common mistake I see, is that the bio is often not optimized. In Instagram, you have a handle (username) and the name field. A lot of people will put the same information in both. For example, the handle will be the name of their shop and the name field will be the name of their shop again. Both of those fields – the handle and the name field – are search friendly. So Instagram will allow those fields to be search optimized for people looking for certain keywords on Instagram.

  • Handle: have their brand name
  • Name field: edit it with the main keywords that their target buyers are searching for

MISTAKE # 2 – The bio is not enough about the customer and lifestyle

With your bio, you really want to speak to that customer, to let them know that they are home. This is the place they have been looking for. They found it through your profile. You are going to speak specifically to that person. That means that you are not going to speak to everyone, which is fine because you do not want to attract everyone as a customer. As a fashion brand, you want to become known by a specific group of people for that specific style. For example, when I started to work with Shelfies, they were very new with their photo realistic prints and that was their unique angle. They really targeted teens and young adults because they were the ones to wear that kind of clothing. So all of the messages and captions in that bio was focused on that audience.

  • Define a customer target
  • Speak the language of the target customer. Use slang if they use it. Use words that not everyone knows but those target customers know especially if you are into a trendy pop culture kind of style.
  • Show the brand personality and highlight that your Instagram is their home. Make it fun.

MISTAKE # 3 – Do not just focus your posts on your products

Some brands just put product pictures after product pictures. What those Instagram profiles are missing are some lifestyle images. The lifestyle images could be real people wearing the clothes, user generated content that you are reposting. Maybe there is a specific hashtag that you are using to get reposted.
What are the other elements that your ideal customers want in their life? So for example, my agency @canupee is all about tropical vibes and the beach so I am not only talking about copywriting services and social media. I am giving my target customers what they want: pretty imagery of beaches.
One other of my clients sells green beauty products. So our feed is not only product after product. We have that but because we are appealing to people who like healthy living and healthy products, we are sharing a lot of images related to nature, the food they might eat and the activities they might do. Se we are sort of encompassing and showing a visual representation of their lifestyle because that is who you want to speak to. We are talking to a woman who typically likes yoga, she eats very healthy and she wants to put products on her face that are going to help her not harm her. So collecting those lifestyle images are really important because they get more engagement and they are solidifying to the clients that this brand is for them. (See example of clementinefields and frank_bod in the video).

  • Understand the lifestyle of your target customer
  • Alternate promotional pictures with lifestyle pictures”

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