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Dear all,
today is a very special day for Fashion Cross Functional : The Fashion Business Plan, a guide dedicated to fashion designers to help them write their very own business plan, is now available.

Fashion designers, I wrote this book because my grandfather’s clothing business in which he spent his whole life went bankrupt. He died a few years ago. Today I would like to tell him that there is a market for what he used to sell. What if he had known that raising the necessary funds and finding the right customer was just a question of presenting a proper business plan?
How unfair is it to let go of your dream when the only thing to do is to write a document to raise funding?
So if you have the dream to create your very own brand, you have to stick to your idea. Imagine the world of your dreams. See the drapes and colors that would surround people. You would create a whole new concept, a whole new source of surprise and happyness.
The rest is just a matter of method and patience. As long as your dream is strong enough, it can get you through anything.
So dare to dream, it’s your duty to the world.

Find tools to help you through your fashion business plan, with the number one FXF guide. “The Fashion Business Plan” by Bako Rambini is available on Amazon.

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Book cover - The Fashion Business Plan
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