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Hello Fashion Designer!

The journey since you’ve had the idea of creating your very own fashion label is exciting, right?

Maybe you’ve designed a few pieces already. You probably bought the material and made some samples or you’ve found a seamstress to make them for you. 

Or  maybe you even launched your fashion brand with big dreams of what becoming the next up-and-coming household name would look like :

Fabulous fashion shows in fantastic locations
Your designs worn on the red carpet and photographed on the body of hot Hollywood stars
People on the street fighting over your designs
And being able to live off your fashion brand

But then reality came in the way.

Your sales are lagging.
There are soooooo many countless things to implement that you don’t know where to start.
You spend so much time and effort making a quality product but people just don’t seem to get it.
Besides you try to juggle what seems important but…you’re not really sure what’s important anymore. You struggle to know where to invest your time and your money.

Then even after doing the fashion show you worked so hard on, nobody buys from you.
If you’re being honest with yourself, contrary to what you thought, clients are not queueing at your door. Actually you don’t know how and where to find clients.
Maybe you also feel like you don’t know the do’s and don’ts of the fashion industry : you feel blocked by the fact that you didn’t graduate from a fashion school and you need a guide to tell you how the industry works.

Does any of this ring a bell?

Well look no more : you’re in the right place.

If you are looking at getting into the fashion industry, The Fashion Business Plan is the go to book. It is simple and easy to understand. It helps one ask themselves the hard questions that most do not want to when thinking of our beautiful business plans that sometimes are very idealistic. Its can also act as a reference book for the students in the fashion industry.


There are 3 big hurdles and mistakes that hold emerging fashion designers from succeeding and making a living off their fashion brand:

– a weak DNA, making it nearly impossible for the brand to be seen and recognized

– entering in an overcrowded market without having a clue of how the market works, what to target and without a clear roadmap of how to get there

– not knowing how to do the daily basic business operations that are required for a fashion brand

But you don’t have to fall into the same trap. You’re smarter than that.


Imagine a world where your brand is visible and gets more attention from a tribe of raving fans.

Imagine how amazing it would be to know where to find clients who’d buy from you in a heartbeat.

Imagine what it would feel like to run your fashion business actually knowing what you do and how to do it.

Imagine you grow to become that person who can talk numbers and business without shaking and make or why not even raise the money you need to keep your fashion brand going.

Imagine having all the tools that enable you to manage your fashion business successfully and finally being able to quit your day job and earn a proper living doing what you looooove.

This is exactly what I have for you today in…

The Fashion Business Plan:
 the step-by-step guide for emerging fashion designers who dream of creating a profitable fashion business

What I do best

As a financier turned fashion business expert, I’ve used my 20+ business experience to write this book to help you bridge the gap between creativity and business.

Inside the Fashion Business Plan, I go through all the strategic foundations of a solid and profitable fashion business and I help you implement it for your very own fashion label.

You can implement it chunk by chunk, on your own timeline.

In the end, you get a strong and very unique Brand DNA, aligned with an impactful strategy and the financial projections that go with it.

The entire book is based on my Iconic Fashion Brand FormulaTM, the method that I developed to help other emerging designers like you, that combines three of my core expertises:


making an impact as a brand requires you to outline precisely what your brand is about and build an authentic signature that will be unique to you. Defining your brand DNA helps you express what your brand is truly about,


Aligning your strategic decisions to your DNA is a MUST to make an impact as a brand. My method details how to build a strategy that makes sense and that stays cohesive with your brand DNA.


Sharing tools and detailed tutorials to help you do the job is one of my strongest competences. The book will explain to you clearly what to do, with implementation workbooks at the end of each chapter to help you implement.



The Brand DNA creation tool will help you build a strong visibility and attract the right audience to buy from you. 

a framework to build smart STRATEGIES

The framework offered in The Fashion Business Plan enables you to ask yourself the right questions and build a profitable business that resonates with you. 


The step-by-step approach goes through each item of your financial projection, how it links with your strategy and what it brings to your fashion brand.

easily actionable TEMPLATES

Implementation tools are provided at the end of each chapter with fillable workbooks and a fashion business plan calculator that you will help you do the job. 


Experts in trend, product design, fashion business strategy, finance and more answer questions that emerging designers frequently ask. 

What MY customers say

The work with Fashion FXF that really impacted our fashion business was the brand DNA also analyzing the customers that we did have to really find out who they were and really defining who we were, what our style was, everything we believe in and our story. That's the biggest change. Our sales have definitely improved. We did have a 20% increase in sales online.

Jill Culbertson

The advice that has stuck with me the most is to find my DNA and stick with it in everything I do. That has set the tone for my business this year and am now working on 5 custom gowns.
That's the most I've ever had.

Maggie Burns

BTW, let me introduce myself

I’m Bako Rambini and I help emerging fashion designers like you bridge the gap between creativity and business. I lectured strategy and fashion business planning in a top fashion school in Paris.

I’ve helped my emerging fashion designers achieve results like :
– getting their brand DNA aligned so that they got noticed by the Fashion press (like Vogue UK, Vanity Fair UK)
– increasing their online sales by 20%
– increasing their prices AND getting more clients
– feeling more confident presenting their numbers

The Fashion Business Plan presents a mix of what I do best. 


To summarize,
the fashion business plan contains :

A detailed step-by-step framework that goes through your brand concept, your strategy and your financials

A complete Brand DNA creation kit

A process to design your sales and marketing strategy

A package of implementation templates

A fashion business plan calculator specific to emerging fashion brands

A fashion business plan presentation deck

6 interviews from business experts in various fields (including fashion trend, fashion product development, fashion stylist, fashion marketing, finance)


all this for.


to build
your own
Fashion Business Plan