The 5 Greatest Resources You’ll Need This Summer

Hello fashion designers,

The summer is finally here. At least in Paris. If you are about to go on vacation, I have the perfect resource list for you to read on your trip or while you are tanning on the beach.

Before working in the fashion industry, I spent many time learning, reading, watching movies and documentaries about sector. And it helped a lot understand what counts and what doesn’t in this sector.

So why not make use of your spare time to educate yourself and best prepare yourself for what’s expecting you?

This selection is made of my all time favorite books and movies that really inspired me and helped me professionalize my approach.

How to set up and run a fashion business

This book is pretty much complete. It gives you a good overview of what’s expecting you when you start your fashion business. Compared to other books on the market, I really appreciate all the case studies that make things more concrete and understandable.

The fashion business plan

When you start a fashion label, you need to plan your strategy and decide where you will be and what you’ll do in order to make money and profits.  This book explains to you each step of your strategizing process. The plus of this book relies in the detailed workbook that guides you at each step.

The September Issue

This movie shows you behind-the-scenes at Vogue magazine while they prepare the most important issue of the year: the September issue. You get to see Anna Wintour, how she works with designers and on fashion weeks. It’s an entertaining way to discover the face of fashion from inside.

Mademoiselle C

This movie is about Carine Rootfeld, former editor in chief of Vogue Paris and shows various episodes of the launch of her own magazine, the CR Fashion Book. I loved to see how a woman with such an impressive resume can still have her own doubts.

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

This movie shows Marc Jacobs working at Louis Vuitton as a creative director of the brand. He’s the one who refreshed the image of the traditional French maison. In the background, you’ll understand the importance of the DNA of such a brand and how he did to give it a breath of fresh air without hurting its spirit and heritage. I loved the scenes where you can see craftsmen work on a new Louis Vuitton bag and all the technical difficulties they had constructing the bag.

Voilà! That’s it for today, I wish you to enjoy your reading time.

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