A Fashion Brand Is A Business: 5 Easy Mindset Hacks

Hey Fashion Designers,

One of the main traits I expect to see in fashion entrepreneurs is passion. A relentless drive to keep on working on their fashion business and on the design because that’s their true calling on this planet. And if I’m totally honest with you, I don’t know how they would find the strength to show up for their fashion business otherwise.

It’s very important to get yourself motivated. That’s why I wanted to share with you some mindset lessons I’ve learned so far.

I wish someone had told me some of those earlier so now I hope they help you. So fasten your seat belt and let’s go.

#1 – Repeat after me “I am a fashion business owner”

Being a fashion business owner is not the easiest task on earth. You know what I mean, right?

You probably created your fashion brand because you’re passionate about fashion and design and launching a fashion label seemed like the most obvious move to make.

However I want to emphasize one thing that many fashion designers tend to forget: no matter what, it’s still a business and it follows the same constraints as any other business in any other industry. And that is making enough sales to sustain the business and live off it.

#2 – Who do you need to be to smash it as a fashion entrepreneur?

Killing it in the business of fashion and acquiring the skill set needed may require a mindset shift.

Maybe you’re a creative fashion business owner and you’re afraid of selling. Or maybe you’re afraid of asking for the price level your brand truly deserves and you keep your prices low. In a way or another your vision ends up hurting your fashion brand.

You could also be in another situation: Maybe you have work experience in another industry but you are launching for the first time in fashion. So maybe you are unbeatable as a car salesman but you’ve never sold a dress or a pair of shoes. Although I agree that some skills are replicable, take it from someone who had experience in dozens of industries (yep, me!) and had to learn everything from scratch: fashion IS really particular and you cannot improvise. You need to learn. Understand how it works, do your immersion into the industry and get into the fashion circles. It requires open-mindedness and the grit to learn another culture and another way of thinking.

In both cases you have to be open to learn new skills again.

#3 – Learning is good. Implementing what you’ve learnt to your fashion business is better

And every time I’ve bought a course, I’ve done a good job listening to all the courses (in accelerated pace – as an addict, I do not have the choice if I want to get through all of them).

If you’re anything like me, you’re an online course addict. I mean if I had unlimited funding, I would be buying online courses all the time! (That and shoes…I know, I know).

But then there’s the time when you have to apply what you’ve just learned. And that sometimes takes time, depending on how far you are in your fashion journey.

But I’ve noticed something: each time I was consistent and applying what I learnt in the courses, I was ready to do whatever it takes to get things done.

So you need to get to that stage where you feel that you don’t have a choice anymore but get things done.

#4 – Be smart, save time: get a mentor

Mentors will be a BIG part of your journey.

When you don’t know, I recommend finding someone who knows and who can guide you through the steps you’re uncertain with. Someone who can hold you accountable.

Whether you pay him/her or not, the most important is to choose a mentor or a coach who actually got the kind of results you want to achieve.

#5 – Surround yourself with people who are going through the same journey

In my own case, once I knew what to do and where to head to, all I needed was the courage to go through that path.

Being in a group of entrepreneurs who were in the same situation gave me the strength to work on my stuff. We encouraged ourselves and held each other accountable.

And guess what…it worked. I made my first big sales thanks to that continuous group effort.

So join a group of fashion business owners who are in your situation.

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