3 Simple Things You Need to Do This Summer to Boost Your Fashion Business

Hello Fashion designers,

We are in the middle of the summer. It’s warm, it’s sunny…I mean I’m not going to complain!!! But maybe the tiny little thing that may upset you is this: your friends are all gone on vacation and unlike your friends, you’re “stuck” working for your fashion brand.

If it’s your case as well, welcome to my world.

I receive tons of beach photos, pool party videos from the most glamorous places in Europe while I am here, unpacking the wool items from the winter collection under an ill-working air conditioning. 

Plus if your customers are on vacation, sales are probably slowing down.

So what can we do now? Might as well be napping under a beach umbrella somewhere.

Well designers I’ve always enjoyed working in the summer. Okay to be honest, for a second, I also want to be in that swimming pool, especially if my AC isn’t working when I am dealing with winter fabric. 

But the sales slowdown is a great opportunity to work on our fashion brand and our systems. 

So here is what you can do for your fashion brand during the summer

#1 – Learn something new 

A few weeks ago I published an article about amazing resources that you can read or watch during the summer. These are the kind of resources that you may not need in the immediate present But that will surely help you improve in the future.

Growing a fashion brand is a long-term commitment. You may not see the effects of what you’re learning straight away But it’s always good to see how successful fashion designers and experts did to nail their business.

#2 – Implement new habits to stay closer to your customers 

Is there anything in your fashion business that is nice to have but that you think is too time-consuming to implement in the immediate future? For example, do you have a weekly newsletter that informs about the up and coming events of your brand? If not, now would be the perfect opportunity to prepare that. Take the time that you don’t spend selling to your customer to organize the layout of your newsletter and to think about the content that you’re going to share. When September comes, you’ll just have to press send to launch it.

#3 – Strategize: Analyze what’s working and what’s not

If you don’t sell it’s truly because there something off with your brand. With all the tasks that need to be performed during the season, you usually don’t have the time to sit down and analyze the problem.

But again, now there’s plenty of space to do so! So start analyzing your sales and find out what’s working and how you can continue in that direction and understand what’s not working at all and correct it!

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