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Bako Rambini - fashion week

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The long silhouettes emerge out of the corridor. Made up and dressed up, they wait behind the stairs leading to the stage. The atmostphere was tense.
A last control to ensure that the looks match our expectations. A girl is missing!
Help! panick on board…where is Nina? I look for a tall blond short-haired girl…
I see her…”I have no shoes”, she tells me in German…I noted that the closer the fateful moment comes, the more difficult the English…Whatever, we switched to German.

No shoes, 15 minutes before the catwalk, great!!!
– What is your size?
– 42!”
Even better…How can I find stilettos size 42 in…now 12 minutes…
No panic. I watch the shelf dedicated to the brand, there was a red pair size 36 and a black pair size 40…okay…

The music starts on the other side…the girls get more and more nervous…when suddenly, a miracle. I explain my problem to the logistics manager. He shows me a little room in the background, where I see a mountain of shoes, planned for similar cases.
Amazing! only 5 minutes left.
Nina puts the stilettos on and goes back into the queue.
One last control and go!
Ouf, it was a close call…

But for the moment, let’s enjoy the catwalk!
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