SUCCESS STORY: Paul Smith – the fate behind a cycling crash


Source: The Goddess Guide

Hi all,
today’s Goddess Guide success story will be focussed on Paul Smith. 
I chose him because I admire him. Firstly because fashion wasn’t what he was supposed to do at the beginning. As you probably know, he wanted to be a professional cyclist but an injury made him reconsider his original plans. Then he’s a hard worker, he started very small, selling T-shirts at music gigs.

Here is some wisdom for fashion designers he shares in the article:

  • Never be motivated by money: money isn’t and shouldn’t be a designer’s motivation
  • Think Service! I like the way he describes the customer experience in the video.
  • Try and have stability and support at home it limits fear and makes for brave business decisions.
  • Treat everyone equally. Everyone is interesting and inspiring in some way.
  • ‘Staying true to who you are is essential from the beginning.
  • Take as much as you must to make something unique and original (while respecting professional deadlines of course).

I hope you will like it as much as I did