BRANDING FOCUS: How to create brand awareness


Source: Gettyimages – Getty Images EntertainmentGareth Cattermole

Hi all,
My exchanges with designers this morning reminded me of this Imran Amed from Business of Fashion video about the basics of brand awareness creation.
To summarize, the video outlines

  • the necessity to have a good knowledge of your target customer in order to offer the adequate product
  • The necessity to make the brand story resonate with your customer. It should convey who you are, why it’s unique, why it matters.
  • The necessary alignment between the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

In terms of promotion, Imran Amed reminds us how essential it is to have good images, since even if a new brand will probably not be able to afford advertising, those can still give an excellent image on social media. Meanwhile a good press relation management is vital.
You have to create emotions to make people share. Prefer Instagram and Facebook to share your social media content.


SUCCESS STORY: Paul Smith – the fate behind a cycling crash


Source: The Goddess Guide

Hi all,
today’s Goddess Guide success story will be focussed on Paul Smith. 
I chose him because I admire him. Firstly because fashion wasn’t what he was supposed to do at the beginning. As you probably know, he wanted to be a professional cyclist but an injury made him reconsider his original plans. Then he’s a hard worker, he started very small, selling T-shirts at music gigs.

Here is some wisdom for fashion designers he shares in the article:

  • Never be motivated by money: money isn’t and shouldn’t be a designer’s motivation
  • Think Service! I like the way he describes the customer experience in the video.
  • Try and have stability and support at home it limits fear and makes for brave business decisions.
  • Treat everyone equally. Everyone is interesting and inspiring in some way.
  • ‘Staying true to who you are is essential from the beginning.
  • Take as much as you must to make something unique and original (while respecting professional deadlines of course).

I hope you will like it as much as I did