SUCCESS STORY: Roberto Cavalli, the man who copies God

Hi all, 
For the success story of today, I chose Roberto Cavalli. Originally, I wasn’t really into his extravangt style. 

However for my fashion design studies, I had to write about a fashion designer’s biography and work and I had to pick one who was not in our book. Since I am a big friend of getting out of my own comfort zone, I decided to write about a designer whose aesthetics were at the opposite of what I usually like. So I studied Roberto Cavalli’s story. 
I loved it. I ended up admiring him. I discovered that besides being very creative, he was ingenious as well since he invented new techniques (including the print on leather that made him work with Hermes and famous worldwide). 
I also admired his vision and the way he built his empire. 
Anyway, here is a short documentary about him.