TRENDS: Our Favorite Cruise 2017 Looks (3)

Hi Guys,

The Cruise 2017 Collections have finally come to an end – sob – and we’ve gathered our favourite looks from the last set of designers to share with you.  There are some real stand-out pieces in this lot that have rivalled my preferred pieces from what we’ve seen so far – they just keep getting better and better!
With Versace going all galactic on us with the futuristic trend, Valentino transforming Bohemia into something significantly more glamorous, and Sonia Rykiel managing to bring Pirate & 60s influences together, you certainly won’t be short of ideas.  Go get inspired!
Marchesa’s flamboyant floral collection took us time travelling through the ages, with a particular lean towards the 20s.  An exciting mix of textures and techniques were used to give life to these pastel coloured ball-gown, embellishing them into true works of Art.  A few rockier pieces in black were thrown in for good measure, balancing out this stunning show with a rougher edge.

Marchesa – Cruise collection 2017

Michael Kors
A delightful nautical collection, bringing a fun, youthful fun edge to classic shapes and styles.

Michael Kors – Cruise collection 2017


Moschino brought us it’s usual carnival of colour.  Some incredibly creative pieces, with neons, crochet and an emphasis on the 70s and 80s eras.

Moschino – Cruise Collection 2017

Moschino – Cruise Collection 2017

Minimalist elegance with body hugging shapes and unsymmetrical cut-out elements made this a fluid and modern collection.


Mugler – Cruise collection 2017

No. 21
A coherent and well-balanced collection.  Two main themes of stripes and nudes ran throughout, with over-sized black pieces adding edge and attitude to this Summery show.

N°21 – Cruise collection 2017

Philosophy Di Lorenza Serafini
A unique, stand-out collection, adding masculine Pirate-Inspired pieces and a moody colour palette to transform the classic Bohemian Trend.

Philosophy Di Lorenza Serafini: – Cruise collection 2017

Philosophy Di Lorenza Serafini: – Cruise collection 2017

Prabal Gurung
Layered hems, a dark palette and soft silhouettes balanced with structure resulted in a sexy, masculine/feminine Collection.
Prabal Gurung – Cruise collection 2017

Prabal Gurung – Cruise collection 2017

Rosie Assoulin
Incredible, graceful silhouettes added elegance to this tribal, bohemian collection.  Relaxed tailoring, choppy shapes and unsymmetrical ruffling added an essence of minimalism to floor-length gowns and a dusty palette kept things subdued.
Rosie Assoulin – Cruise collection 2017

Rosie Assoulin – Cruise collection 2017

Sonia Rykiel
A smart Collection, with an eclectic mix of influences. Sharp feminine 60s tailoring was incorporated with masculine Pirate-bohemian detailing in the leather belts, jackets and headscarfs.
Sonia Rykiel – Cruise collection 2017

Sonia Rykiel – Cruise collection 2017

An ethical, minimalist collection of big, bold simple patterns and over-sized shapes.  Vintage, un-done.

Suno – Cruise collection 2017

Suno – Cruise collection 2017

Thom Browne
A punchy, Preppy collection created by colour blocking and simple, a-line shapes.  Asian-fashion inspired accessories, with quirky detailing and fun ‘puppy’ bags brought a playful side to this collegiate-cool collection.

Thom Browne – Cruise collection 2017

Tory Burch

Tory Burch presented a fun and flirty feminine collection full of floral patterns, frills and textures.  Minimal bohemian influences were incorporated and colours were joyful but muted, completing these sophisticated looks.

Tory Burch – Cruise collection 2017

Tory Burch – Cruise collection 2017

Valentino brought us an ethnic take on its classic romance.  A multitude of textures and fabrics were utilised, including fringing details, Hawaiian prints and fur.  Interesting combinations of influences from across the globe and ages came together harmoniously to make this a unique, stand-out Collection.

Valentino – Cruise collection 2017

Valentino – Cruise collection 2017


Versace’s sexy vibe took a trip to the future in this Cruise 2017 Collection.  Muted colours were brought to life with neon detailing, leather was skin-tight and silhouettes sharp.

Versace – Cruise collection 2017

Versace – Cruise collection 2017


Do you have some favourite looks from the Cruise 2017 Collections ?  Let us know in the comments below!
by Stephanie Cvetkovic for Fashion Cross Functional
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TRENDS: Our Favorite Cruise 2017 Looks

Hey Guys,

Despite it seeming just yesterday that we were swooning over the shows at Paris Fashion Week, the Cruise 2017 collections have sailed round at top speed and are now upon us.  While we’re sad to see the back of those glorious pink Chanel suits, we’re not exactly complaining.  With a whole new set of looks to feast our eyes on, we’ve picked our best bits from the Designers who we’ve seen so far.  Let’s put it this way, you won’t be disappointed:
Just when you thought they’d run out of ideas, Chanel has managed to reinvent itself once more. Alternative takes on classic looks, including black and embellished grey taffetas and chiffons led the first part of the show, while bright, textured, metallic tailored garments brought up the rear.

Chanel – Cruise 2017

Chanel – Cruise 2017

Gucci’s collection was an explosion of colour, texture and pattern from start to finish, with eye-catching pieces, and a distinctive, retro vibe.

Gucci – Cruise 2017

Gucci – Cruise 2017

Red Valentino
Bringing a touch of softness to proceedings was Red Valentino, with muted tones, distressed and delicate fabrics and soft silhouettes.

Red Valentino – Cruise 2017

Red Valentino – Cruise 2017


Dior presented a fierce collection with a strong, masculine/feminine attitude. Over-sized, structured shoulder padded sleeves were mixed with flimsier fabrics, striking the perfect balance between the two trends.
Fendi played with print in a fun, feminine way with influences from various origins.  Full, spanish skirts were mixed with Hawaiian prints resulting in a collection of regal, Mediterranean looks.

Fendi – Resort 2017

Fendi – Resort 2017

Christopher Kane
Also utilising bold print in his collection, Kane played with a geometric check print in a variety of ways.  Sequins and colour-clashing were mixed with duller tones to create an interesting modern take on some classic vintage styles.

Christopher Kane – Cruise 2017

Geometric prints and structured shapes lead the way at the Rochas show.  These bold, masculine pieces contrasted the collection’s alter-ego of floral fabrics, lace, and joyful colours.
Rochas – Cruise 2017

Rochas – Cruise 2017

Roberto Cavalli
Cavalli’s collection was a step back in time.  Psychedelic prints, embroidered jean and crochet made this a creative but coherent 70s inspired collection.
Roberto Cavalli – Cruise 2017

Armani’s show was playful from start to finish, with feminine silhouettes and soft, whimsical fabrics.  Colour and geometric pattern were used in subtle and soft ways, resulting in a very wearable collection.

Armani – Cruise 2017

Armani – Cruise 2017


Phillip Lim
Boho took a trip to the future with Phillip Lim’s vibrant collection of florals in contrasting, neon brights and rock ’n’ roll black.

Philip Lim – Cruise 2017

Philip Lim – Cruise 2017


Maison Margiela
Long-line, collared coats in muted colours and patent detailing were the predominant look in this distinctively, 60s collection.

Maison Margiela – Cruise 2017

Maison Margiela – Cruise 2017

Oscar De La Renta

Renta’s show was the expectedly elegant, feminine collection of floaty florals and intricate embroidery that the designer is renowned for.  A few pieces leant towards the bohemian trend, while others adopted a vintage look from a different era, including a feathered 20s number.

Oscar de la Renta – Cruise 2017

Oscar de la Renta – Cruise 2017

Colour blocking, structure and bold, geometric prints made this a succinct and bold collection.

Escada – Cruise 2017

Bottega Veneta
50s and 60s vintage shapes in muted colours were given a pop with crinkled patent, leather and unusual colour combinations.
Bottega Veneta – Cruise 2017

Bottega Veneta – Cruise 2017

Feminine met masculine once more in this urban collection in soft muted shades.

DKNY – Cruise 2017


Fabulous flower prints were the star of Erdem’s show.  Embroidered and printed onto a range of fabrics from soft chiffon to tough leather, it’s was an edgy and punchy take on classic romance.

Erdem – Cruise 2017

Erdem – Cruise 2017

Jil Sander

A very minimalist collection saw oversized, classic vintage shapes in simple, plain fabrics.

Jil Sander – Cruise 2017

Louis Vuitton
Vintage leatherwork was contrasted with bold, geometric prints, resulting a futuristic, masculine collection, softened with short hems and exposed skin.
Louis Vuitton – Cruise 2017

Louis Vuitton – Cruise 2017

Missoni packed in as many patterns as possible, using both geometrical and asymmetrical prints.  Floaty, un-structured pieces were featured alongside more tailored, futuristic looks in stiff, metallic fabrics.  A colourful collection with plenty of attitude.
Missoni – Cruise 2017

Missoni – Cruise 2017

A softer-than-usual collection with floaty fabrics and delicate, watercolour prints.  Tie-dye was also used on several garments, giving a nod to the 70s trend.
Acne – Cruise 2017


by Stephanie Cvetkovic for Fashion Cross Functional
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