NEWS PICK: What Fashion Brands Can Learn From The Tech Spirit

This article has an interesting take. While at FXF we constantly insist on the essential role of branding, this article offers an interesting angle to the question. Use the tech point of view to stay relevant : focus more Customer centric, transparency as brands’ need to become very good at telling their story and sharing their culture and speed.

More on the Fast Company:

SALES: Facts about luxury brands consumers


Source: Gettyimages – DigitalVision // Paper Boat Creative

Hi all,
Here is a very insightful article about the psychology of luxury goods consumers. According to this article, the demand of high-end goods is mainly boosted by rich customers who recently acquired their wealth.

So what can be concluded for emerging designers who sell high-end products? They will probably make more sales with already established wealthy customers who maintain their status : they are more likely to be interested in acquiring pieces from less known high-end labels.