The pillars of your fashion brand identity

Dolce & Gabbana - souvenir shop 2Dolce & Gabbana - market 2Dolce & Gabbana - pnk and sweetsDolce & Gabbana - masques 2
Hi all,
Touching and seeing Italian craft : my recent trip to Milan was just a mere delight for the senses.
Dropping by Via Della Spiga, I caught a glimpse at the Dolce & Gabbana window, celebrating the Italian lifestyle, one of the pillar of their fashion aesthetics. We could seize their idea of spring in one glimpse: joyful colors and sensual craft in the middle of an Italian scenery. It was very beautiful and cohesive with their fashion DNA as well.
So now it’s your turn. For today’s Monday topic, let’s think of the pillars of our own brand.

What are the fundamental concepts that constitute your brand aesthetics? Are they visible on each of your collections and pieces? How does it translate in the way you sell and communicate with your customers?
Happy week to all of you.
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