BRANDING FOCUS: 6 essential PR basics for fashion brands


Source: GettyImages – Stone – Adrianna Williams

Hi all,
For today’s branding focus, I picked this interview of Rosie Davis (CEO of a London based agency) by Les Assorties.

There are a few basics you can understand and sort out before going to a PR agency:

  • Stay consistent through all the media and packaging used, from the message you express to the color you choose.
  • Know your customer, be where they are, read what they read and understand their lifestyle.
  • Focus on good imagery
  • Target your social media content to your customers
  • Provide a value added and give people a reason to visit your website
  • Do not underestimate the power of Instagram in terms of PR Channel

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DESIGNER TOOLBOX: 4 great tips to help you pitch to a magazine

Source: Vogue Italia February 2016

Hi all,

Lately I have been transferring some clients’ files to magazines. Questions asked from both sides reminded me of these Startup Fashion basics to pitch to magazines. 
Four main advice are given such as:

  • Build your target contact list
  • Review the magazines’ publication and editorial calendar
  • Identify the right person to pitch to in the magazine
  • Prepare yourself properly

Great tips are provided on top for each advice.

Nothing more to add, just