It’s About Feelings

Hi Guys,
Last week the fashion business club I run organized an event. The theme of the event was how to operate a career change by creating a fashion brand. We invited four great fashion entrepreneurs from Paris who succeeded and shared their success formulas. It was very interesting. Above all, the four of them used different techniques to reach their success. And at some point of the event, it became very technical.

A variety of techniques but what does really matter to make sales?  

You can interview hundreds of potential customers on the street, make a crowdfunding campaign, use a fashion blog specialized in your niche with a high number of viewers or apply growth hacking techniques… There are numerous ways today to validate the adequacy of your product with your target customer. There may be some solutions that would fit better with your personality but it doesn’t really matter which one you pick.
So what does really matter?

Have a strong vision, make people experience and feel your fashion brand

What matters first is your vision and what you have done so far to share your vision with your customers.
You have a dream. But what is it? Channel the Martin Luther King in you and answer this question: what is your dream?
i have a dream.gif

What is the concept of your fashion brand?
How should your customer feel when seeing and wearing your pieces?
Have a look at your collection. Do the pieces you designed really express your fashion DNA?
Have a look at the photos you put on your website. Do they reflect your vision?

And what about your website? Does it convey the image you had in mind?
Or maybe worse…you don’t even know exactly what the concept of your fashion brand is. And you probably think it’s good to target everybody on this planet. Wrong!!!!!

Here is your exercise for today

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down what your vision is about. What symbolizes your brand? Which words would you like your fashion brand to be associated with? How can you translate your dream into a concept your customers would also feel and understand? How can you make your customers experience your brand through your website?


Wondering how to help your customers experience your brand?

Find more tools to help you through your fashion business, with the number one FXF guide. “The Fashion Business Plan” by Bako Rambini is available on Amazon.


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Fashion Designers: From A Dream To A Fundable Business

Quote bako R
Hi Guys,
This weekend I remembered my grandfather. He was one of the best tailors of my country. My family used to earn a lot with their craft. And when they lost their main client, they lost everything.

They dedicated their entire lives to Beauty. I could still hear the sound of their breathing with the gentle sound of the needle stitching into the fabric. And I still can see the feeling of injustice in their look, as they showed their handmade pieces to the wrong client or ended up selling our property and transforming my grandfather’s once prestigious atelier into a little grocery shop to make both ends meet…
Once I started helping brands fund their projects, I was almost sad to see how easy it could be to raise the money, once the business plan was made.
Purify your creative vision. Align your collections and your strategy to your vision.
Can you imagine if you could make your inner world a reality? Be bold and mesmerize your customers. Create…

Because as I told Forbes Afrique Magazine in the edition of May 2016, a Fashion Designer who can’t create…It’s depriving the world from beauty and pure emotions.
So find out how you can go from a dream to a fundable business.
Happy productive week!

From a dream to a fundable business

Find more tools to help you through your fashion business plan, with the number one FXF guide. “The Fashion Business Plan” by Bako Rambini is available on Amazon.

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Book cover - The Fashion Business Plan
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Dream. Dare. Emerge.

book launch
Dear all,
today is a very special day for Fashion Cross Functional : The Fashion Business Plan, a guide dedicated to fashion designers to help them write their very own business plan, is now available.

Fashion designers, I wrote this book because my grandfather’s clothing business in which he spent his whole life went bankrupt. He died a few years ago. Today I would like to tell him that there is a market for what he used to sell. What if he had known that raising the necessary funds and finding the right customer was just a question of presenting a proper business plan?
How unfair is it to let go of your dream when the only thing to do is to write a document to raise funding?
So if you have the dream to create your very own brand, you have to stick to your idea. Imagine the world of your dreams. See the drapes and colors that would surround people. You would create a whole new concept, a whole new source of surprise and happyness.
The rest is just a matter of method and patience. As long as your dream is strong enough, it can get you through anything.
So dare to dream, it’s your duty to the world.

Find tools to help you through your fashion business plan, with the number one FXF guide. “The Fashion Business Plan” by Bako Rambini is available on Amazon.

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Book cover - The Fashion Business Plan
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Fashion: the art of delivering fantasy

louboutin 2

Hi all,
it’s Monday today, time to reconnect and set new goals for the upcoming week.
Let’s think about what our work in fashion is really about. We are not just sketching a bunch of new stuff and making them.
There is more to it.
There is a story behind that inspired you. Maybe you were at a crossroads of your life and you had decisions to make while at the same time, a small colorful butterfly flew by. So gentle and so bright, spreading its lightness all around you. It inspired you a new collection of fresh designs.

Then it involved actual people. Breathing. Thinking. Crafters stitching the fabric together with love and lots of good intentions behind.
All that, to deliver it to your customer and feel the joy warm up your heart when you see your customers’ eyes sparkle when they receive your pieces.
Fashion is not about making another meaningless object. Fashion means hope. Expectations. Impatience. Genuine childish happiness when opening a beautiful gift box.
Fashion is an experience, a fantasy of which your product is a symbol. And it needs to be sold as such.
This week, think about your process and add a meaningful value to each step of your sales process to build a proper customer experience.

Happy week!
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