DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How to outsource your fashion business


Source: GettyImages – E+Eva Katalin Kondoros

Hi guys,

For today’s topic, I found this great Startup Fashion resource for those who think of expanding their activity and outsource tasks.
Here are the main lessons learnt:

  1. Understand what you gain vs what you risk before going through outsourcing. You need to know what you want out of it (gain expertise you don’t have, save time, save costs, etc), assess how much it is worth for you and assess the abilities of the person you are about to hire.
  2. Make sure there is a contract between the two of you
  3. Limit the duration of the contract to limit the risks if it doesn’t work well. 4 to 6 weeks are recommended in the article, which still enables to properly assess the competence of your contractor.
  4. Where to find them : preferably through recommendations of your network. Post your job description on Linkedin first. Then you can use sites like Freelancer, ELance and TaskRabbit.
  5. Find an adequate way to incentivize your contractors. Maybe you can divide the workload into worklots and negotiate to adjust your payments according to the achievment of each lot.
  6. From the beginning, clarify your expectations regarding the follow-up and feedback you expect from them (Weekly call, Google Doc Sheet to be filled out, email exchanges…)

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