SUCCESS STORY: Isaac Mizrahi, nail the fabulous and the affordable

Isaac Mizrahi

Credit: Photograph © Jason Frank Rothenberg

Hi all,

Isaac Mizrahi : the present focus of a new exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York.
From Couture fashion, mass market to TV shows. If there is someone who nailed the switch from fabulous to affordable, it’s him. The success formula? I would say it’s a mix of a great understanding of essence of style, pragmatism and open-mindedness.
So here are five lessons we can learn from his story, as told in this “Behind the label” video:

  1. Considering design is a problem that needs a solution, think about the problems, their life, and think about how you can use the garment in an easy way.
  2. Understand sewing and what makes a garment look fabulous, a talent Isaac Mizrahi aquired watching old movie costumes from the 30’s.
  3. Have a conviction about what will look fabulous and know how to put things together.
  4. Understand image and whichever business he’s in, he assumes he’s entertaining
  5. Avoid oversimplications – like assuming that young means beautiful or rich means powerful. Opening his mind clearly enabled him to bridge easily to other markets and activities.

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