TRENDS : 5 Reasons Why We Love Korean Fashion

Hi Guys,
We attended the last Who’s Next fashion trade show last September in Paris. It was really incredible how all the young fashion brands had incorporated the present Korean influence in their pieces. And those fashion brands were the ones that caught most buyers’ and press’s attention. And it’s a general trend that goes beyond fashion: it’s everywhere in the street of the fashion districts in Paris. Plus the art and movie industry also witnesses a similar growing interest for Korean trends. So yes: Korean style clothing IS  the big thing today.
And if you haven’t dived into the subject yet, now is the right time. We asked ourselves what makes Korean style so addictive and browsed a few popular Korean Instagramers’ accounts. And we made a list of all the things we loved about Korean Fashion.

It was a very enchanting exercise! We recommend you click on the Instagram accounts linked to the pictures we picked and maybe analyze how you can use these items as an inspiration to refresh an upcoming collection…
Don’t push it too far though, remember to stay true to your fashion business DNA.

1 – We love the way they make color pop

2 – We love how they play with contrasts (oversized vs skinny, short vs long…)

3 – We love the way they bring a modern touch to a classic garment

4 – We absolutely love how they use graphic shapes and prints

5 – And we adore their way of bringing cute and fun to fashion


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