SUCCESS STORY – Manoush, The Princess Of The Bohemian Style

“The brand’s identity? Poetic, bohemian, girly, some may even say kitsch, and they wouldn’t be wrong. I love things that shine, sing, glisten, and dance. Welcome to my world. Welcome to Manoush”.

Sparkling sequins, metallic threads and neon fabrics are things most Fashion Designers steer clear of, but Frederique Trou-Roy is not most Fashion Designers.  Diving head first into all things that sparkle, her mastery of 3D finishing has become Manoush’s signature style and the aspect that sets this brand apart from the crowd.
After completing her fashion degree at L’ESIMODE in Toulouse, Trou-Roy begun her fashion  career designing accessories for French brand MORGAN.  Having always been a lover of travel – jetting off with her Father on a trip to Africa at just 12 years old – she decided once more to explore some of the world, taking a lone trip to Marrakech.  Here she was inspired by everything she saw; the places, the people and the colours left her hypnotised – she had fallen under the magic spell of travel.
But this was certainly a good kind of magic – her travels in Morocco were to be the tipping point in her career.  Returning home with Artisan-crafted baskets made from sketches drawn during her stay, she quickly found buyers for her unique creations, and the success spurred her on to continue.  With a million ideas in her head from her trip and further exploration of Indian, African and Oriental culture, the designs kept coming, and Manoush was born.
Since then, Clara Racz, Vanessa Paradis and Paris Hilton are just a few of the celebrities who have worn Trou-Roy’s designs.  Manoush’s creations become more and more eccentric season on season, enabling them to stand out in the highly competitive Fashion world by bringing something new to the table.
Now we’ve heard Manoush’s Success Story, let’s put it into practise and analyse how such a quirky brand flourished in a country known for its conservative style.

Always Looking For Inspiration
By being proactive and explorative in her search for inspiration, Trou-Roy was able to have a personal experience, different to that of any other.  While anyone can look for inspiration at their desk by accessing the images online, the sentiments and emotions Trou-Roy felt during her trip in Marrakech cannot be found on Google.  Her experiences abroad are arguably the main reason her designs are so unique.  Manoush shows that stimulus can be found in everything you do, everyone you meet and every place you go.  As a designer, you should always be looking outside the box for the creative details that are hidden in our daily lives.
Strong Brand Design
The bright colours, sparkling embellishments and child-like shapes mean you can spot a Manoush design from a mile away.  Trou-Roy knew that she wanted every piece in her collections to represent the freedom and spirituality she felt during her travels and the people she met there.  Just like Orla Kiely who we discussed last week, Trou-Roy established her vision from the start and etched it in every step of her design process.  She eats, sleeps and breathes her vision, resulting in collections that are coherent to potential buyers and easily recognisable.
Finding A Gap In the Market 

Walking into Galeries lafayette, the Manoush collection catches your eye immediately.  While the rest of the space is filled with collections from various brands in subtle tones, plain fabrics and uninspired styling, Manoush’s rails may as well be under spotlight.  Manoush’s price point is one saturated with many play-safe collections featuring similar designs.  By offering something new with her avant-garde designs and statement looks, she has found a gap in the market, meaning her competition is low and the desirability of her garments high.  Everyone wants to be seen in something different, and Manoush provides just that.  By analysing the market and taking note of what already exists along with what you, as a designer, wish to bring, you too can find a market niche which is one of the sure fire ways of gaining guaranteed success.
Pushing Style Boundaries
Boundaries are meant to be tested, and Manoush is no greater testament to this.  Despite growing up in Paris – a City known for its love of all-black-everything and chic, smart design – Trou-Roy’s designs couldn’t be any more contradictory.  By daring to play with styles, fabrics and colour combinations, she stands out in a world of black and white.  With the rise of technology, Fashion is now extremely accessible, and people want something different, new and inspiring.  Whilst deemed too ‘kitsch’ by some, it’s her puffy skirts, adorned bralets and neon colours that have helped build her strong brand identity, find her a gap in the market and, resultantly, led to her success.
by Stephanie Cvetkovic for Fashion Cross Functional


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