DESIGNER TOOLBOX: 8 Tips To Help You Improve Your Menswear Brand

Louis Vuitton : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear Spring/Summer 2017
Hi Guys,
Men’s fashion has started in Paris, a good opportunity for us to understand what makes men tick. This week we found a very useful resource in « Branded Male : Marketing to Men » by Mark Tugate. They have an entire chapter dedicated to menswear.

To summarize, here are 8 recommandations to help you work on your menswear branding :
1.       Stress technical, performance or quality elements
2.       Heritage engenders trust
3.       Confer status
4.       Create loyalty : men are very faithful customers.

5.       The retail environment : sober yet relaxed with impeccable service
6.       Offer additional services : bookstores, barbershops etc
7.       Write guidelines for « correct » dressing
8.       Boost celebrity endorsement and strong product placement, they are extremely powerful for menswear

Photo credit: Gettyimages: Getty Images Entertainment Thierry Orban


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