Fashion Designers: From A Dream To A Fundable Business

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Hi Guys,
This weekend I remembered my grandfather. He was one of the best tailors of my country. My family used to earn a lot with their craft. And when they lost their main client, they lost everything.

They dedicated their entire lives to Beauty. I could still hear the sound of their breathing with the gentle sound of the needle stitching into the fabric. And I still can see the feeling of injustice in their look, as they showed their handmade pieces to the wrong client or ended up selling our property and transforming my grandfather’s once prestigious atelier into a little grocery shop to make both ends meet…
Once I started helping brands fund their projects, I was almost sad to see how easy it could be to raise the money, once the business plan was made.
Purify your creative vision. Align your collections and your strategy to your vision.
Can you imagine if you could make your inner world a reality? Be bold and mesmerize your customers. Create…

Because as I told Forbes Afrique Magazine in the edition of May 2016, a Fashion Designer who can’t create…It’s depriving the world from beauty and pure emotions.
So find out how you can go from a dream to a fundable business.
Happy productive week!

From a dream to a fundable business

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The power of dreams


Source: – June 2014

Hi all,
another week starts.

Always get inspiration from the best. Today, we chose a quote by Donatella Versace about the power of dreams.
May her words inspire you for the week.
We wish you a fashionable week full of dreams!