SALES: 6 elements to consider to enhance your online shop

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Hi all,
it’s been observed for a few years now: online retail sales are regularly growing. An estimated +17% in Europe and +14% in the United States was lately announced for 2016.

Hence for those who sell online, optimizing your shopping website becomes a key priority. Improving the customer experience in a user friendly platform and keeping bringing value added are critical in order to generate sales.
This 1608 Creatives article provides excellent advice on how to upgrade your online shop.

  1. The choice of the online sales platform – Brands usually move to bigger platforms once their sales are increasing. However it is recommended to switch platform once your brand is profitable and when you have a good feeling of what your customers like. Besides, whichever the platform, you should always tailor it to your brand to make it look professional.
  2. How to transition in your website? – This paragraph lists up what a menu should provide to smooth the experience on your website.
  3. Things to expand your shopping site – In the same spirit of enhancing customers’ experience, a few add-ons are much appreciated: lookbooks, grouped collections especially if there are different product categories and highlighting new arrivals.
  4. Items that should be included in your customer support page are a size Guide, Terms & Conditions, Returns & Exchanges, Billings & Shipping,  General Asked Questions, Other (Important “Knows” about your brand and its policy)
  5. Your online shop should be customized to your brand – it is recommended to hire a web designer and a graphic designer to help you do that.
  6. 4 additional ways to showcase your brand uniquely – Curate gifts, a highlighted separate sales section, a lifestyle blog, must-haves picked by owners, customers or brand ambassadors. 

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