SUCCESS STORY: Tom Ford, the visionary


Source: Gettyimages – FilmMagic Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Hi all,

So here are a few lessons we can take out of the video and his work:

  • Be a perfectionist. I know he says perfectionism is something you’re born with but you must learn to be demanding with yourself, the quality of the pieces and services you sell.
  • Use your intuition: Tom Ford is all about sensing the mood in the world and adapting his collections to that ambiance. He has a real understanding of historical and economic trends and how to translate that into design.
  • Develop a personality: Tom Ford used his knowledge in architecture to understand that everything has a logic, a balance, a vocabulary from the use of a material to the choice of a certain color. That enabled him to give a true personality to his clothes.
  • Learn to communicate with people through your creations. Tom Ford loves to see how people incorporate his design to their look, not a total look as presented in his fashion shows but a part of their personality. He loves the idea of bringing joy to people.
  • Do the best you can do each time: Choose the best fabric you can. Do the best stitching you can do.


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Fashion : an art?

Tom fordjpg
Hi Guys,
New week, new food for thought!
And today, I thought of Tom Ford. Being in Paris doesn’t help, the French aren’t too fond of his vision of fashion, to say the least. Because in the country of Haute Couture, fashion is nearly considered as an art. And although it’s indeniable that Paris gave birth to a few of the best fashion designers of the planet, I cannot help admiring the extremely pragmatic and Customer focussed way Tom Ford designs.

He cares about his customers, he’s very aware of the way the pieces are used, worn and consumed. And he designs them in order to best fit in.
It works all the time and it looks fabulous.
So let’s learn out of it!
Great week everyone.