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But first let me

 My name is Bako Rambini. As a former financier and management consultant turned online fashion business coach, I fuel all the knowledge I gathered in my 20+ years working for different companies especially luxury fashion brands, into my passion: enabling emerging fashion designer to build smart and solid systems to grow their business. 

All of my programs follow the same canvas that I created and finetuned within the Iconic Fashion Brand FormulaTM framework, combining Vision, Strategy and Process. I’m dedicated to helping emerging fashion designers grow their brand without feeling scared or overwhelmed by the business side of their work.

What for? A stronger visibility, the ability to increase their sales and the growing confidence that they finally know what they’re doing  with their fashion business

In fact with this Iconic Fashion Brand Accelerator, I can help you achieve three things:

Build a stronger focus on your own vision

making an impact as a brand requires you to outline precisely what your brand is about and build an authentic signature that will be unique to you. Being crystal clear about who you are and where you want to go will help you not only make your brand more visible on the market but also keep your eye on the ball when things get tricky. Because unfortunately, they will!

Be more knowledgeable with your business

the LIVE hot seats as well as the resources and templates included in the accelerator will help you unlock you from situations where you don't know what to do or each time you second guess your decisions. You'll have elements available to know exactly what you do and grow into the fashion business owner you deserve to be.

Make progress and see concrete results

all the content you'll get, from the LIVE calls to the resources are conceived in a way that makes them uber actionable and easy to implement. All you need to do is follow the plan and implement the strategies given.

See the results

Testimonial of Masha R – Founder of Just a Showroom in Paris

“The workshop allowed us to have a more clear vision on the DNA of the brand, to find relevant targets on social media.
To understand the audience and the brand customer. It helped us in constructing other marketing material, be a reference for the direction to follow and to keep the image of the brand consistent.”

Testimonial of Izihari M – Sales executive at Sakina M’Sa Paris

Bako Rambini - Fashionfxf - online fashion business coach - Testimonial

Testimonial of Samantha J – CEO and founder of Fabryan in London

To summarize,
the Iconic fashion business accelerator contains :

2 LIVE hot seats per month

Replays of the video sessions

Additional resources that can help you with your fashion marketing, your strategy and your fiinancial estimates :
- checklists
- tools
- fashion business plan template
- fashion brand presentation deck


all this for.


Watch the testimonial of Jill C – Founder of Violet Fish


The Iconic Fashion Brand Accelerator is closed for the moment but you can leave me your details hereafter and I’ll let you know when it’s opening.