A simple and easy framework to help you shape a unique vision, get comfortable managing your fashion business and make more money with your fashion brand

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The Iconic Fashion Brand FormulaTM is a reliable and solid framework that helps emerging fashion business owners just like YOU get more comfortable with the behind-the scenes aspects of running your own company, while also growing in ways that feel authentic to you.   Through The Fashion Business Plan book, powerful online courses, online 1:1 mentoring and the Iconic Fashion Brand Accelerator, I deliver comprehensive roadmaps for success including proven systems with

– an original and inspiring vision statement so that you stop being invisible and finally get noticed with a distinctive brand DNA that feels like you

– effective strategies so that you’re not just spinning your wheels but moving forward towards building something that actually brings results

– top notch processes so that you learn to think and work like household names of the fashion industry

With the systems in the Iconic Fashion Brand FormulaTM, I help you disrupt your fashion journey by unlocking what’s been blocking you and by showing you simple and effective ways to understand and deal with your fashion business so that you no longer feel confused and you know what to do to grow.


Whether as a fashion design school graduate or a self-taught designer, you dream of making a full income out of your passion and becoming a household name one day

 You’re so creative and you have a million ideas for your brand but you don’t have enough money to make them real

 You know people would go crazy over what you do, they’d love every little detail, how each garment is buttoned up but you feel overwhelmed with the HOW and with anything businessy. In fact, you do your best but all the business side feels so complicated that you struggle to get people’s attention and sell. 

In the end it feels like you’re working so hard on your fashion business with very little result.

But whom can you rely on for help? 

You’re getting fed up of all the so-called  experts and you don’t know anymore whom you can trust. You don’t want any more  vague promises and empty words from salesy people who only care about making you buy their stuff. 

You just want someone who understands what you’re going through and who guides you through your tough times but all the support you can find just seems so out of reach. 

You already have the impression of putting so much effort in getting your collection made, you’re looking for something you can understand easily but everything you read seems so complicated and exhausting to implement. 

And when you do eventually make up your mind to buy, you receive nothing really groundbreaking that would truly help you. You’re actually looking for more than the usual ordinary material.

And that’s

As a former financier and management consultant turned online fashion business coach, I fuel all the knowledge I gathered in 20+ years working for different companies – especially in luxury fashion – into my passion: enabling emerging fashion designers to build smart and solid systems to grow their business. 

All of my programs follow the same canvas that I created and finetuned within the Iconic Fashion Brand FormulaTM framework, combining Vision, Strategy and Process. I’m dedicated to helping emerging fashion designers grow their brand without feeling scared or overwhelmed by the business side of their work.

What for? A stronger visibility, the ability to increase their sales and the growing confidence that they finally know what they’re doing  with their fashion business.

Testimonial of Jill C – Founder of Violet Fish in Australia

Currently I can help you grow your fashion business by applying
The Iconic Fashion Brand Formula TM.
I offer three different levels of transformation.
Each level corresponds to a different degree of intensity, from a low intensity transformation with The Fashion Business Plan book where you get to work on your own or a medium intensity group program where you get online courses and live group sessions, up to high intensity 1:1 sessions dedicated just to you. 

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Testimonial of Masha R – Founder of Just a Showroom in Paris

“The workshop allowed us to have a more clear vision on the DNA of the brand, to find relevant targets on social media.
To understand the audience and the brand customer. It helped us in constructing other marketing material, be a reference for the direction to follow and to keep the image of the brand consistent.”

Testimonial of Izihari M – Sales executive at Sakina M’Sa Paris

Bako Rambini - Fashionfxf - online fashion business coach - Testimonial

Testimonial of Samantha J – CEO and founder of Fabryan in London